He Said She Said Series #10

Wedding Dress and Style

By Mike Reid & Bianca Teixeira

Mike and Bee

Congratulations to Bianca, our favourite advice columnist (sorry Mike, haha)! Last night was her wedding day. They decided to answer an awkward wedding dress question and a style question. This series features Mike Reid and Bianca Teixeira as they answer readers' questions about relationships, style and everything in between. They've written together for various Canadian publications and now they're back at it, answering your questions at Good Read Magazine.

What do you do with your wedding dress when you’ve called off your wedding? – Runaway Bride

Mike: If you're artistic, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to get some arts & crafts/therapy done. You can create and sell, very expensive, limited edition kitchen rags, baby wipes, etc. If you like the Walking Dead, you can rip it, spill red wine on it and be a zombie bride for Halloween or Fan Expo. As far as the wedding being called off, congratu-sorry!

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Bianca: Cut it up and use it to remove makeup? No, sorry, bad answer. Sell that bad boy! So many brides are selling their dresses AFTER the big day but since you’d be selling yours unused, you can probably make more off it. Check out websites like PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com. Make a pretty penny and go on a trip with your best girls.

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Style wise ....what goes with everything? - GQless

Mike: The simple answer is black. That’s why people say, “(Fill in the blank) is the new black.” As far as dudes here are your must haves:

  1. Black dress shoes. (Make sure they’re always clean, women notice!)
  2. Any colour denim fitted jeans (They don’t have to be skinny)
  3. A nice watch (Every man should own a big boy watch)
  4. Dark blazer (Try blue, brown or grey) 
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Bianca: Everything is a lot. And sorry to say that as much as I love my collection of black on black on black clothing, you can't always wear black because it won't go with 'everything'. Your best bet is to invest in a few key pieces (Mike has the important ones up top) but don't be afraid to rock different looks. Your outfit doesn't always have to be a matched concoction, don't be afraid to play around. All kinds of things can 'go' with all kinds of other things! Don't get me wrong, wearing dark shades all the time WILL make you look super cool but you'll be singing a different (sweaty) tune when the temperatures rise.

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Send your questions to goodreadmag@gmail.com with the Subject: '#HSSS', and we'll try to get them answered by Bianca and Mike. (Please note, not all questions are answered and/or published.)


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