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Anonymous Contributor Series #1

An anonymous submission

 Angel and Devil | Photo by  Steve

Angel and Devil | Photo by Steve

The following is a true story about sex, decisions and friendship. I’ve included the running dialogue between my Super Ego (thoughtful logician and trusty moralizer), and my Id (amoral sensualist and slave to instinct), to show the battle waged by an angel and a devil in the arena between my shoulders. 

The names have been changed.

I've known my friend Monica for a long time. She is a compassionate soul, very witty, beautiful,  and she's all about enjoying life. Having returned to Florida from a trip to Scotland, she called me to go out clubbing. I told her I'd meet up with her later in the evening, and I'd invite our mutual friend Johnny to come out as well. 

While discussing plans to go out, Monica informed me that her friend Francine from the UK was coming as well. Francine figured it was a good time to travel to the US since Monica was returning back home. She'd be staying in a hotel suite until she found a place to live in the city. 

Id: This chick must have some money to be chilling at a hotel until she finds a place.

Monica gave me the following disclaimer about her friend: 

"Okay Nate, you're going to absolutely love this girl. She's really cool and really hot; I can actually see you two hitting it off tonight. But you've gotta do me a favour: whatever happens between you two, don't spend the night at her hotel."

I began laughing, "What?! First off, it takes more than a hot chick to get into my pants. And secondly, why wouldn't you want me to spend the night with a really cool chick, if we hit it off?"

She said point blank: "Because I know you. You can charm the pants off people, and she’s the same way. I can see you charming each other until someone is naked. And most importantly..." she smiled, "I haven't seen her in a while and I want to spend the night with her."

I laughed again saying, "No problem babe, I won't cock block you or pussy block you, whatever you wanna call it." Still giggling I continued, "I've got no problem, not spending the night in the hotel suite of a woman I've never met."

Smiling she said, "I'm serious Nate, you can always chill later, or whatever. I'm not saying you two shouldn't... whatever at another time. I'm just asking not tonight." 

"No problem Moni’." 

Later that night Johnny picked me up from my place and we proceeded to the hotel that Francine was staying at. Monica and Francine were getting ready and started the traditional pre-drinking. When Francine opened the door she greeted me with a warm hug and a bright smile.

Id: She is hot and very charismatic, I'm getting this girl. 
Super Ego: But I know tons of sexy and fun girls, I don't see what the big deal is?
We all went out and painted the town red; we hit about three different clubs, drinking and dancing the night away.
Id: This girl can dance.

After last call, the four of us returned to Francine's hotel suite to chill out, listen to music, and have a few more drinks. It is there that Francine and I…

Super Ego: as Monica had predicted
...started to really hit it off. Johnny and Monica caught up with what was new in each other's lives. Francine and I discovered each other's love for jazz and R&B as I went through her playlist and admired her acoustic guitar.
Id: This chick is hype! 

We discussed music passionately, finding ways to continually be in each other’s personal space. At this point both of us were completely intoxicated by alcohol and hormones. We danced together in her hotel suite to jazz, while Monica and Johnny joked around about highschool and college.

At around 3:30 am, Johnny said he was going to go downstairs and get the car; he was driving me home and wanted to get going soon. Monica was kind/smart enough to walk him down, giving Francine and I a chance to exchange numbers and bid each other farewell. After taking her number down in my phone, I asked her: "So when am I going to get an opportunity to dance with you again?" 

Id: I'm definitely kissing her before I leave.

"Whenever you want," she replied, playfully smiling.
I leaned in, gave her a kiss and walked toward the door. Before she opened the door to let me out, I spun her around, pulled her close and we kissed a bit more passionately and a little longer.
Super Ego: Okay, good times. We hit it off, you got her number, you kissed the girl. Now let's go home, and get some sleep ...and talk to her when you're sober and see if you really do like her. 

I opened the door, she walked in front of me, and as I closed the door behind me, she pushed me up against the door and started kissing me. 
Id: This is hot. This chick is cool.
Then I felt her undoing my belt and unzipping my pants. 
Id: This is fucking cool.
I looked down at her as she bent down and started giving me head in the hallway.
Id: I officially love UK girls

I looked to my left and right, saw rows of doors, but no one in sight. 
Super Ego: We're in the hallway. 
Id: Shut up.

I looked across the hotel, the middle was an open space and you could look right through to the other side. Still no one was there. 

Super Ego: We're in the hallway, we should take this inside. 
Id: Shut the fuck up and enjoy this. 
Super Ego: If someone walks by she's going to stop. 
Id: Then let’s get back inside. 

I took the key card out of her free hand, slid it into the door and got back into the suite.
We tumbled into the room. We found our way to the other side of it. She turned off the light and walked towards me like a woman on a mission. I hold her close, flipped her on her back, and her skirt was nowhere in sight. 
Super Ego: How did she get that off so fast? 
Id: That was cool.

Then, I hear the front door open and close. 
Super Ego/Id: ...

Francine said: "Monica?"

Monica walked in, looked at us giggled: "Yeah."

Francine, "Come and play." 
Super Ego: What?! 
Id: What?!!

Monica replied, "It's okay, I'm going to lay down in the bedroom and give you two a chance to play." She then vanished into the bedroom, leaving us to continue.
"Okay, sweetie." Francine said, and began to take off her top.

Id: Sweet! 
Super Ego: Shit, we forgot...
Id: Don't worry condoms are in our jacket. We're not that drunk. 
Super Ego: That's not the problem. 
Id: What?! There are no problems tonight, only solutions. 

I pulled Francine’s top back down, looked her in the eyes and said: "I'm gonna go."

"What?" she relied. 
Id: WHAT?!

"Why?" she asked.
Id: Yeah, asshole. Why?

"I'm gonna let Monica finish what I started." I smiled.
Id: No, you wouldn't. A man starts what he finishes.

"If we start now, we're not going to be finished for at least another hour and my homie is downstairs waiting on me. I don't wanna be an asshole." I explained. 

"You’re not going anywhere. I'm sure you can finish what we started just fine." She smiled.

"And believe me, I want to," I said.
Id: What the fuck are you doing? 

"And I wouldn't be leaving if I didn't know that I'd be leaving you in very capable hands." I smiled.

"Are you sure?" she said playfully.

Id: NO, he's not. Not at all, we're not going anywhere... 
Super Ego: We promised Monica, and Johnny is waiting downstairs. 
Id: A promise is a comfort to a fool. We're about to get laid. 
Super Ego: We're leaving.
Id: Fuck!

I kissed her on the forehead, pulled my pants back up and headed for the bedroom door. I stuck my head in and said, "Hey Monica, I've gotta bounce sweetie, it's pretty late. I'll call you later."

"Bye Nate, love you." Monica said from the bedroom.

"Love you too, Mon'." 

Francine walked me to the door, gave me a kiss and I left.


Now, why did I leave? 

Id: 'Cause you are a fucking idiot, and people like you should be dragged naked into poison ivy.  

Super Ego: ‘Cause you gave your word to someone, and despite the unbelievable circumstances you were in, one should keep his word. 

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