He Said She Said Series #14

Moving In Together

By Mike Reid & Bianca Teixeira

 He Said She Said | Photo by Shannon Spurrell

He Said She Said | Photo by Shannon Spurrell

This series features Mike Reid and Bianca Teixeira as they answer readers' questions about relationships, style and everything in between. They've written together for various Canadian publications and started a video series by the same name. Now they're back at it, answering your questions at Good Read Magazine. We've answered a version of today's question before. So today you get a treat, our written answers and a video.

"My girlfriend recently said: “We'd be able to spend more time together if we lived together." We’ve been dating for less than a year, what's a good length of time to be dating before moving in with someone?" – Next Step

Mike: There are no rules, but… more than a year is probably best. It’s probably a good idea to know someone longer than you’ve invested in ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Even when you spend a lot of time with someone and “practically” live together, you don’t, in fact, live together. Living together, you discover the little things that drive you crazy and the awesome things you never noticed before you shared an address. More importantly, if YOU are not thinking about moving in together, you’re not ready. When you want to move in with her, that’s the ideal time. So I have a question for you. Do you want to move in with her?


Bianca: There is absolutely NO time frame you have to work with when it comes to moving in with someone. I know a couple who moved in together after two months of dating and I know couples who wait years and years before ever committing to the same space. I honestly don't think living together has the same 'gateway to marriage' connotations it used to. There's always the option of a trial run with one of you staying over for an entire week. If you haven't killed each other by the end of it, I'd take that as a good sign. There's no rule book here, if you want to live together, do it. If not, adorably claim that you're not ready to fart in front of her. Trust me, she'll appreciate it.

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