He Said She Said Series #12

Firefighter Dreams and Dumb Women & Men

By Mike Reid & Bianca Teixeira

 He Said She Said | Photo by Shannon Spurrell

He Said She Said | Photo by Shannon Spurrell

This series features Mike Reid and Bianca Teixeira as they answer readers' questions about relationships, style and everything in between. They've written together for various Canadian publications and started a video series by the same name. Now they're back at it, answering your questions at Good Read Magazine.

My boyfriend wants to be a firefighter, my brother is one and I've seen first hand how long it takes, the cost and the stress. I don't think my BF has the patience or attention span to do it. How do I tell him that? - Conflicted GF

Mike: I have friends who are firefighters and some who are still trying to be. It's a rigorous process that's definitely not for everyone. Your job as a partner is to voice your concerns and discuss why you think it's not the best fit. If he's still set on it, support and encourage him 100%. That's what partners do. If he somehow succeeds, you supported him. If he fails, you warned him, and then supported him regardless. He'll learn to trust your input more, and trust you've got his back. It's a win-win for you.

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Bianca: I don't actually know any firefighters but I do watch a lot of shows that have firefighters in them and from what I've gleaned, it does look like it could take a huge toll on not just your boyfriend, but you as well. I agree with Mike (whaaaaaat?!) and think that you should voice your issues with the idea. Since you have first hand experience with how difficult it can be, you can express your feelings from a knowledgeable point of view and not just as an attack on his character. 

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Why are women so dumb sometimes? – XY to the Z

Mike: Women aren’t dumb. Women are stupid and men are dumb. Let me explain.

Men: 80% of men are dumb, brainless fools that don’t think past our penis or pride. Picture a fenced off backyard with a dog sitting in the corner. As a car drives by the fence, the dog starts to chase it at full speed until it runs into the other side of the fence. This fence-to-face dog is 80% of men. 15% of men are smart opportunists: The Frank Underwoods. They know and get what they want, usually regardless of collateral damage. Smart enough to know exactly how far away the fence is at all times. 5% of men are smart: Will Smith in anything. They know and get what they want, while taking care of those around them. They usually aren’t interested in chasing pointless things. 

Women: 80% of women are stupid, able to destroy any credibility they had mere seconds prior by letting emotions dictate what they say. I think women are incredibly intelligent people. A woman’s ability to reason and argue a point far outweighs that of a man. But, 80% let emotion trump logic, that’s just stupid. 10% of women are smart opportunists: The Miranda Priestlys. They know and get what they want, usually regardless of collateral damage. They also don’t use emotion on a reactionary level; they plan their next moves using emotion as a catalyst. 10% of women are smart: Jennifer Lawrence in anything. They know and get what they want, while taking care of those around them. They use emotion as a catalyst to do right by the people around them. And yes, I just called most men dogs and most women over-emotional. Now everyone can be mad at me equally. I’m sure you’ve noticed there are more good women than good men. Don’t blame me, I just run the data.

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Bianca: I think this question AND its answer just proved who the dumber sex really is.
Stupid shitheads.

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