F*ck your Fashion Rules!

Fashion Rules Were Made to be Broken

By Cat Janiga

 Fashion Rules, your thoughts? | Photo by Mike Reid

Fashion Rules, your thoughts? | Photo by Mike Reid

People love to tell people what to do, and this is especially true when it comes to what (and what not to) wear. There are entire TV shows, magazines, heck, advertising empires dedicated to telling us how we should and shouldn’t wear our clothing, our jewellery, and our makeup.

While there are some good and oft-repeated practical tips out there like investing in well-made, classic pieces, most of this advice is severely out of date. In this age of innovation and self-expression, more and more indie designers are hitting the limelight and being celebrated for their unique visions and blatant breaking of rules. The simple fact is that no one gives a f**k about the rules anymore, and that’s how we like it.
So, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane with 10 of my favorite fashion rules to break.

1. Don’t Mix Patterns
Mixing print can definitely be a challenge for some people. I, for one, would immediately break  into a panic sweat if I had to come up with an outfit that incorporated mixed pattern; it’s just not in my wheelhouse. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE it when I see it.


2. Don’t Mix Metals
I have no idea why this was ever a rule. It probably has something to do with Rule #1. Metals are neutrals and always compliment each other so you can 100% mix them. It’s also not necessarily about the color but more the feel and look you’re going for. 

 Silver and Gold | Photo by Mike Reid

Silver and Gold | Photo by Mike Reid


3. Take Off The Last Accessory You Put On Before Leaving The House. 
Um…no. Just, no. If I want to look like Cleopatra and Elvis’ love child you better believe I’m gonna do it.

 Rings and Rings | Photo by Mike Reid

Rings and Rings | Photo by Mike Reid


4. Certain Colors Shouldn’t Be Worn Together
When I hear how Black and Brown, Black and Navy, or Red and Pink, shouldn’t be worn together, all I REALLY hear is the noise adults make whenever they speak in any Charlie Brown cartoon. Wah-Wah-WAH-Wah-Waaah. 

 Wah Wah | Image Credit  Pinterest

Wah Wah | Image Credit Pinterest


5. Swimsuits Belong By The Water.
If you’ve never worn a swimsuit as a body suit, or swim top as a top, LORDY are you missing OUT! It is one of my favorite things to do and no one ever bats an eye unless they’re giving me that “Heeeeey girl” look.

 Lace up one piece swimsuit | Image Credit  Pinterest

Lace up one piece swimsuit | Image Credit Pinterest


6. No Stockings Or Socks With Open-Toe Shoes Or Heels.
Although I’ve always been on board the stockings-and-open-toe shoe train, I have to be honest, I was a die hard about no socks and sandals until the shroud of darkness was lifted from my eyes. How absolutely adorable does this look? The Key is finding the right socks to work with your ensemble.


7. Hem Your Pants For A Shoe Height.
The ‘Rule’ is generally that hems should just graze the tops of your shoes. If I do that then HOW am I supposed to look like a giant who seemingly floats along the floor? I LOVE when my Palazzo pants completely cover my obscenely high shoes and just graze the floor. 

heels and flares.jpg

8. Make Sure Your Bra Isn’t Showing.
Hell, sometimes the bra is a highlighted feature!! Sometimes it’s just too damn pretty NOT to show off. I’m not talking about full on burlesque show here but the bra has definitely upped its ante in the accessories game.

 Bra top | Image Credit  Pinterest

Bra top | Image Credit Pinterest


9. The Older You Are the Longer Your Hemline Should Be OR Dress Your Age.
Ever heard the expression “Mutton Dressed As Lamb?” Well this rule is what people are referring to. How RUDE is THAT?! Your hemline is completely based on your comfort level. If showing a lot of leg makes you uncomfortable, wear opaque tights with them and top it off with a long sweater or a great jacket. Aging doesn’t mean you must give up all your favourites. You may not wear them the same way you did when you were 20, but you definitely don’t have to put them out to pasture.


10. Don’t Wear White After Labour Day. 
I think it’s safe to say that literally no one on the planet under 70 with an iota of sense has ever implemented this rule. Haven’t you heard of Winter Whites? Give me a thick knit white sweater with some wide leg white trousers in the winter and I’m ALMOST ready to come out of hibernation.


Fashion is always in flux; what’s faux pas one year is trendy the next. It’s almost impossible to keep up, and ultimately fashion is all about self expression anyway. So when in doubt, ask yourself “does wearing this make me feel good?” If the answer is “Yes!” then that’s all that matters.