The Style Section

Who wore it best? We don't care.

By GRM Editors

The Style section was a tough section to decide on creating. Fashion is subjective and style can seem like a vapid topic. However, style is also the visual representation of a culture. Whether that culture is a national culture or a sub-culture within a niche industry or group, it incorporates artistry, design, group dynamics, communication, and so much more. This will not be a section that tells you who wore what best to a celebrity event. There are many places you can go for that.  

We are also not going to only talk about the cultural and societal impacts of art and fashion; we like pretty things for the sake of them being pretty too. We'll look for cool and interesting things to talk about and show you.

We're also going to try something this month called: "The Totally Biased Gift Guide." We'll be selecting products, items and/or services that we have a bias towards, tell you why and why you might want to check it out too. 

Hope you enjoy what we've got in store; we're excited to create this section for you!