Between the Seasons

A Couple's Journey Through Love and Baseball

By: Michelle and Ryan Giesen

 Blue Jays Wedding | Photo by Dahlia Katz

Blue Jays Wedding | Photo by Dahlia Katz

As lifelong lovers of baseball and diehard loyalists to the Toronto Blue Jays, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the romance, the history, and the intensity of 162 games every year. As devotees who lived through the glory that was the World Series of ‘92 and ‘93, we’ve waited a long time to be satisfied again. 

See we, Michelle and Ryan, don’t put much stock in celebrating the New Year on January 1st. For us, New Year’s Day is the Blue Jay’s home opener. That day when, as our friends Kris and Danny say: it smells like baseball, when the warm winds tell us baseball is starting and all is right in the world. Here, possibilities are endless and our boys have a clean slate! 

Every year we eagerly anticipate spring training and all the professional predictions about our players’ destinies, to then (willingly and happily) suffer through the slow starts, the injuries, the bizarro stats, the bad calls, the dry spells, then the rallies, the dizzying comebacks, the bottom-of-the-ninth-grand-slams, the maybe-this-year-we’ll-get-that-twelfth-win-in-a-row, the insane catches, the blistering double plays...and of course, the final push for the playoffs. 

When a fan’s team is on a playoff run, It’s not hard to understand why baseball is often used as a metaphor for’s invigorating! It’s exhilarating! It’s bliss! We willingly give up sleep to root on our boys, we eat and drink and spend boatloads of money to support and celebrate them, on a micro level experiencing what they are...and then just like that, it’s over. For another 4 or 5 months, we’re left reeling. 

Life for these two Blue Jay fans in this particular offseason, especially after having finally come from not one, but TWO killer post-seasons of October baseball where we very nearly got to climax for the first time in over 20 years, is easily compared to the morning after an epic date night.

 A Big Blue Celebration | Photo by  Keith Allison

A Big Blue Celebration | Photo by Keith Allison

Let’s role play a little bit, shall we? 

Think about it: we fans were in a solid, committed relationship with our team from 1985-87, and then things were a bit rocky for a few years, but still pretty good. We were basically married in 1992-93… but that’s when the rug was pulled out from under us. Suddenly, reluctantly, we were back on the market for a Blue Jays team who’d rock our world. We’d hit a dry spell that lasted for years. A string of mediocrity, with only glimpses of something that could last past the standard get-to-know-you-phase. 

But the last two seasons...oh man. There’s no denying chemistry: the pheromones are blasting at full force and lust for these boys is out of control. 

Two years ago we were basically meeting this new and improved Jays squad for a drink, hoping for (at minimum) good conversation. Unbeknownst to us, the “just a drink” season turned into metaphoric dinner, music, going dancing, and even finding the best secret after-hours bar. The first kiss was fireworks, of course.  We definitely got to third base.


Cut to late autumn 2016. As soon as the season’s done, fans are left symbolically wondering: will there be morning sex or will you be out the door before the sun rises? Will I get taken out for breakfast? Will I need to wait a week before I hear from you again? Will you continue to court me next season and show me your true worth - go out of your way to impress me, offering me the penultimate in our relationship: the Commissioner’s Trophy as a sign of commitment? Do you truly appreciate my persistence? 

 Blue Jays Fans | Photo by  Keith Allison

Blue Jays Fans | Photo by Keith Allison

As baseball lovers, we need to be (and are!) satisfied engaging in a relationship with at least 9 men who are simultaneously seeing at least forty thousand other people. 
Just thinking about this makes Ryan and I happy to not be floundering around the dating world anymore! In each other, we found a fellow baseball fan, who feels the same intensity about the sport. On our first date, when I told Ryan I loved baseball, he grinned like an adorable goof and cheered “Yay!” Done. So we go through the highs and lows from one season to the next side by side. 

The nice thing is, instead of individually pursuing the team we love in the hopes that this year they’ll follow through, we get to do it together. Hold on… does that mean we’re in a threesome? Nice. Regardless, It makes the wait between seasons way more tolerable….because we have a strong relationship established with this team and they’re ready to take us all the way. 

Like, fine wine, steak dinner, rose petals all the way. 

Let's play ball!