Ball on Blast Ep. #4

Lowry emotes, Lebron likes Arthur, and stealing in China 

By Sheldon Alexander & Andrew Webster

In this episode of "Ball on Blast" Sheldon Alexander and Andrew Webster discuss:

00:00 - RAP IT UP - Kyle Lowry and the Raptors new offence and is Bruno still 2 years away?
10:00 - TURN UP OR TURN DOWN - Does Eric Bledsoe make the Bucks LEGIT contenders in the East, can the Celtics win the East, are the Knicks a playoff team and is OKC in trouble?
32:15 - FEED ME - LeBron James likes Arthur’s Mood and Markelle Fultz shooting right handed emojis
46:05 - ASK ON BLAST - LiAngelo Balling TOO HARD in China

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