The Sports Section

Present your colours.

By GRM Editor

 Terrelle Pryor celebrating | Photo by  Keith Allison

Terrelle Pryor celebrating | Photo by Keith Allison

We don't have the access of a national broadcaster and we don't have a team of reporters in the locker room. So why is there a sports section? Because sports fans don't need all that to talk to other sports fans. 

 Mark Stuart |  Mark Manuo

Mark Stuart | Mark Manuo

We all watch the games, we all have access to the internet, the difference is reporters and broadcasters don't usually have the luxury of getting emotional. With the exception of Don Cherry, Tim&Sid and a few select others, most print, digital or television reporters aren't given the latitude to be frank, call bullsh*t when needed, or get pissed when a team or athlete gets screwed by a bad call. We are fans, aren't we? We are allowed to speak our minds, wear our hearts on our sleeves and our colours as face paint!

 Clean Play? | Photo By  Keith Alison  

Clean Play? | Photo By Keith Alison 

We still expect our sports contributors to research the facts, provide an intelligent argument and leave room for a healthy debate. We're just not going to tell them to leave their fandom at the door. If you're a sports fan, by definition you are a fanatic. Sometimes, a fan is blinded by their love for a team or player, but they're the ones paying close enough attention to the details to see what others miss. 

 Blue Jays celebrate | Photo by  Keith Allison  

Blue Jays celebrate | Photo by Keith Allison 

This section is dedicated to the sports fan. I know you've got a lot to say, so let's go!