TNS Vault: A Nerd's Room

Our favourite TNS items (that weren't already packed)

By GRM Editors

 TNS in a TNS Shirt and Boba Fett's Helmet

TNS in a TNS Shirt and Boba Fett's Helmet

(A couple years ago we got a chance to talk to The Nerdy Stripper before she moved and explored one of two rooms filled with more nerdy stuff than we could photograph.)

I think we can all admit that the word ‘Nerd’ has gone through quite the renaissance; Robert Downey Jr. or Tony Stark (let’s be real, they’re the same person) made mainstream take notice. With the help of Marvel Studios and now Disney’s vast distribution network, you can get all the cool toys.

The Nerdy Stripper: “I guess they were right when they said, 'Nerds shall inherit the earth'. I like that Disney gives me access to toys I never would have found outside a comic-con. And living for all the new nerd plushies!” 

GRM Editors: “So… can you show us some of your stuff?”

TNS: “Sure, but I’m moving so a lot of it is in boxes and the rest is kind of everywhere. Don’t mind the mess, I don’t have space for half the stuff anymore.” (haha)

So what does the unfinished packing of a super nerd’s room look like?

Here are some of our favourite finds in the TNS Vault!


1. Two Yodas one bookshelf

TNS: "I didn’t even remember I had that Yoda. Yeah, still in the packaging. And that Yoda up there is one of my favourite backpacks."

GRM: "That’s a backpack?"

TNS: "Yeah, you carry Yoda on your back like The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is training in the Dagobah system."


2. Star Wars Books

 Just one of the shelves filled with books

Just one of the shelves filled with books

GRM: "I see Star Wars is your favourite topic." 

TNS: "Star Wars is my favourite collectable."

GRM: “Well what about-"

TNS: “Whatever you’re going to say, the answer is no. Star Wars is the best.” (haha)

GRM: (haha) “Got it.”

Taking a look at all the different gaming consoles, one caught our eye in particular. 


    3. NES with Batman

 Original NES and Batman

Original NES and Batman

GRM: "Holy Crap, nice original Nintendo! When is the last time you played this?" 

TNS: "About two days ago, that’s why I haven’t packed it yet." (haha)

GRM: "I never finished the Batman game, how does it end?"

TNS: "I think he kills Joker. Which is kinda messed up, because Batman isn’t supposed to kill people."

GRM: (Ha) "What? No way."

It takes us moments to Google it, and yup, turns out Batman mercs the clown. 

GRM: "Okay, glad Nintendo decided to make Batman a murderer." (haha)

TNS: "Probably because they didn't have the technology to just hurt him." (Haha)


4. Boxes of Lightsabers

 4 lightsabers packed in the corner

4 lightsabers packed in the corner

GRM: "I hate to break it to you, but I think you have a lightsaber problem." 

TNS: "Nope, I’ve got stormtrooper solutions. Actually those aren’t even all of them. I have two mounted on the wall in the other room."


5. Signed Bob Fett and Vader

 Stacks of framed comics and photos

Stacks of framed comics and photos

GRM: "Okay, we’re seeing a definite Star Wars trend here." 

TNS: "Yup, I told you. Star Wars is the best. But serious, the reality is whatever you’re into is the best. No judgements. There's so many epic ways to be a nerd. I spent my whole life watching the Doctor Who Christmas special in England with my family, so the Doctor will always have a soft place for me, but Star Wars was always a Spike TV Christmas staple. You'll never know what you'll fall in love with. I still watch the movies all the time."

GRM: "Even episodes-"

TNS: "Don’t even. Episodes I-III are dead to me." (haha)

GRM: (Haha) "Gotcha."

Since us nerdy folks see everything, you probably noticed the R2-D2 in one of the photos and a little stack of gameboy games. She had so many retro gaming systems it was crazy. While showing us some of the masks she owns, we asked if she had Tetris. She simply smiled, put on the mask she happened to have in her hand, and we started playing Tetris. We recorded a few seconds of her wearing a mask, while playing Tetris and it was probably the nerdist thing we'd seen all year.

(Send a photo of your nerdiest possession to with the Subject Line: "My Favourite" so The Nerdy Stripper can pick her fan favourites in the next TNS Vault.)