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How Social Media has affected the Fashion Industry

By Cat Janiga

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The fashion industry is an ever changing blur of trends that come and go out with trailing winds and the shifting seasons. Where celebrities and fashion brands have played a major part in determining the shift of the fashion industry, social media has contributed its share as well. Although you might think that it is the other way around, social media has a central role in influencing fashion. With its magnificent specialty of popularizing basically anything and shifting trends to fame in mere minutes, social media is indeed a powerful platform to make an appearance or to set a trend. 

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Since as early as 2010, fashion shows were broadcasted on television. People had to sit through entire episodes to find the dress that clicked or view a particular trend. Fast forward to 2015, smartphones gleam in the hands of people in the first rows with flashes of latest trends being frozen in photos, ultimately being sourced to social media. In addition to this, numerous stars for instance, the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé have taken to social media to highlight their daily lives. Their regular wearables, accessories and fashion sense are closely followed and influence the fashion world significantly. For instance, when the Hadid twins made the choker popular, a major part of the entire trend was played by their Instagram and twitter accounts! Retweets and shares make the trends so popular that fashion statements become most or least liked within moments. 

As social media fire blazes higher than ever, high-end brands and fashion icons have shifted to these platforms also. Clearly, when the standard person spends most of his time online on social media, the best way to target the consumer is through this very market. Thanks to social media, trends and fashion statements that exist on the other side of the globe are common knowledge. With the extraordinary amount of shares, latest trends and vibes popularize almost instantly, changing our fashions by the day. What was popular in the morning may not be liked at all in the night. 

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Another aspect that social media contributes is diversity. Fashion designers and stylists from all over the world can make a difference. With useful promotional features of such platforms, any designer can set their trend afloat. It has every potential to become the new hit. Diverse trends from all over the world, contributed by renowned designers and newbies alike are embedding into our industry. For now, it doesn’t matter where the style came from. As long as it is popular, it will stay! Understandably, this gives designers a fair opportunity to showcase themselves. Whether it's accessories, wearables, a particular style or even makeup, an interesting manner that sets you apart and looks appealing can help you rise to the very top of the trending list, thanks to social media.

Another factor is that brands and fashionistas have evolved with the revolutionizing changes. Now, the marketing strategies are considerably different from what they used to be. New and improved designs and innovative means of showcasing yourself through social media can be a valuable means of broadcasting yourself to the world. New and improved technologies, like using mixed reality with information and detailed descriptive videos on social media will help you thrive in the fashion industry. 

All in all, social media is playing a dominant role in the promotion of trends and the regular change in fashion statements. In a way, this is good news for fashion designers and fashionistas who can actually make an impact on the world and make themselves a name in the world of fashion. Proper social media management and the complete utilization of resources can allow you to influence the entire fashion world. 


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