Top 5 Female Rap Verses

“I Be Nina Simone defecating on your microphone”

By Alison Copeland

 One Mic |

One Mic |

Behind every misogynistic male rapper, there’s a female emcee rolling her eyes at the “dick-waving” world of hip-hop, saying “we got this!” From righteous and raunchy to downright bossy, female rappers have spat bars just as monstrous and hard-edged as their male counterparts. But they don’t always get the shine they deserve.  So, in recognition of some of the wittiest femcees to ever grab a mic, here are the top 5 verses that have given male emcees a run for their money.

#5 Remy Ma

There’s definitely something about Remy Ma, the Big Pun protégé who made a name for herself on the M.O.P. Ante Up remix and most recently for her 7-minute slaughter of Nicki Minaj on the diss track “Shether.”

Remy owned the summer of 2004, when she teamed up with Fat Joe, outshining him on the smash hit single “Lean Back.” On the second verse, she brags about her riches and carrying firearms into a night club undetected. Let’s hope she leaves her pistols at home for the 2017 BET Awards in June, where both she and Minaj are nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.

“R to the Eezy, M to the Wizeye / My arms stay breezy, the Don stay flizeye / Got a date at 8, I’m in the 7-40-fizive / And I just bought a bike so I can ride ’til I die / With a matchin’ jacket, ’bout to cop me a mansion / My squad in the club, but you know they not dancin’ / We gangsta and gangstas don’t dance, we boogie / So never mind how we got in here with burners and hoodies.”

#4 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is undeniably the world’s biggest female rap superstar, even if her Black Barbie alter-ego is not everyone’s cup of tea (cue Remy Ma). Her stellar feature verse on Kanye West’s controversial “Monster” hit – a song that includes Rick Ross and Jay Z gave her fellow cohorts the heave-ho while attracting new fans such as Ed Sheeran and Adele.  

“Pull up in the monster automobile, gangsta / With a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka / Yeah I’m in that Tonka, color of Willy Wonka / You could be the king but watch the queen conquer / OK, first things first I’ll eat your brains / Then I’m a start rocking gold teeth and fangs / Cause that’s what a motherf-cking monster do / Hairdresser from Milan, that’s the monster do / Monster Giuseppe heel that’s the monster shoe”

#3 Lil Kim

For her small stature, hip-hop icon Lil Kim exploded onto the scene demanding orgasms and respect with her double-platinum debut, Hard Core.  After the loss of her mentor and lover, The Notorious B.I.G. she blazed a trail on the circuit featuring on mixes and collaborations including Mobb Deep’s Quiet Storm remix, which she absolutely slayed. Here she pays homage to fellow Brooklynite MC Lyte and takes subliminal shots at her rival Foxy Brown.

“Hot damn ho, here we go again / Light as a rock bitch, hard as a cock bitch… I’m a leader, y’all on some following shit / coming in this game on some modelling shit…It’s the Q to the B, with the M-O, B-B / Queensbridge Brooklyn and we D-double-E-P, what.”

#2 Mc Lyte

Asserting her independence and unwavering feminist stance, MC Lyte broke barriers for female MCs in the late 80s with her critically acclaimed debut Lyte as a Rock.  Still just a teenager, she kicked fools to the curb on the cult classic Paper Thin which showed off her signature husky tone, mastery of rhyming and street smarts.

“In one ear and right out the other / I heard this mumbo jumbo (eeish) lover / I don’t pay attention, I don’t concentrate / You ain’t got the bait that it takes to hook this / A-hah, a-hah, a-hah / sucker you missed, I put all feelings asides I know who I am.”

#1 Lauryn Hill

Thanks largely to Lauryn Hill, The Fugees went from being number 10, to becoming a permanent number one during hip hop’s golden era with their breakthrough album, The Score. On the group’s highest-selling single Fugee-La, Lauryn glides lyrically and vocally atop the Teena-Marie inspired beat with fierce aplomb:

“Yeah in saloons we drink Boones and battle goons ’til high noon / Bust rap tunes on flat spoons, take no shorts like poom pooms / See hoochies pop coochies, for Guccis and Lucci / Find me in my Mitsubishi, eating sushi, bumping Fugees,”

Who do YOU think is the best female emcee and why? Do you agree with our list? The 2017 BET Awards will be held on June 25, 2017, at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.